Airport Greeter

What a pleasure is to enjoy a stress-free journey and find a trusted person at your arrival at the airport even before meeting the driver. We like to spoil and take our customers almost literally by the hand and guide them to their destinations with our luxury meet and greet services.

In all the main train stations and airports in Italy and around the world, we offer our Meet and Greet service, which is much appreciated by customers who do not want to have unecesserary thinking when travelling, or prefer to have assistance to move easily and comfortably. We provide both corporate and private meet and greet service

Our Meet and Greet terminal service at the airport guarantees specialized airport greeter with access to reserved areas of ​​the airport and with perfect knowledge of the procedures and transit corridors.

We provide a complete airport Meet & Greet service by providing airport VIP assistance and matching it with an airport porter service who takes care of the luggage. In our VIP meet and greet, the assistant also coordinates with the driver to make our transfer service to and from the airport even faster and smoother.

 Airport Greeter
 Airport Greeter
 Airport Greeter
 Airport Greeter
 Airport Greeter
 Airport Greeter

Here are the different types of airport Meet & Assist service and airport assistance:

 Airport Greeter

During our meet and greet VIP service, our greeter waits for the passenger with the name sign either at the finger or immediately at the entrance to the Terminal (this may vary according to the provisions of each individual airport). During our airport VIP service, the greeter takes care of:

fast track VIP arrival
immigration assistance
security checks
assistance during transit
porter service organization (on request)
coordination with our driver on the way out


In our meet and greet services, Our greeter waits for the passenger with the name sign at the Terminal, exactly at a meeting point agreed with the driver. During the meet and greet airport service, the greeter takes care of:

assistance during check-in
security checks and passport control
accompaniment to a dedicated VIP lounge (on request)
assistance Tax free refund (on request)


In case of arrivals at the station or port we always suggest an assistant, especially in some cities where moving around is more complicated.

Contact us to get a tailor-made quote or further specific information based on the city of reference.

 Airport Greeter