Helicopters Rental

Thorough our range of luxury vehicles, helicopter rental certainly cannot be missing: it is the maximum expression of prestige, freedom, but also fun!

Our helicopter charter service is designed to satisfy the most varied needs and expectations. It is possible to request our helicopter hire service either for business or leisure trips. In case you need to hire a helicopter for a day to move quickly for your business meetings you can easily do it with us. We are also available to provide a helicopter for your wedding for a spectacular arrival on the scene.

Most of our type of premium helicopter are twin-engine and with a landing system that allows to take off and land from various airstrips in the location you need to reach. We will always find the closest heliports to your place of departure and arrival, also supporting you not also with helicopter transport but also with ground transfers. This is Moveolux’s guarantee of convenience and speed for any of your transportations requests. Moveolux’s helicopter hire service is not only available in Italy, but also in Europe and in all major destinations outside Europe, both for a simple transfer and for a tour, even with electric helicopters if specifically requested.

Moveolux’s helicopters to rent are designed to offer all the comforts required on the move. The luggage compartment has excellent size and each seat of our luxury helicopters is comfortable and extra large. Thanks to our helicopters we are able to fly from any airport, even for long distances. If you need more info, please contact us, our team will be happy to assist you!