Motorhome rental

Your luxury home with custom interior wherever you want it – this is the future of high-end transportation.

We can call them luxury motorhome with beds or simply portable homes. In truth, our luxury Motorhomes are the result of the perfect union between automotive technology and refined optimization of interior spaces. We only rely on the most prestigious brands in the industry, such as Mercedes motorhome, Renault and Volvo luxury bus.

Moveolux’s motorhome rental is our new transport and accommodation solution, which will allow you to fully experience the location chosen for your holiday or event, without giving up the comforts and luxury, always at the basis of our service.

The concept of luxury motorcoach with beds therefore finds its most advanced and luxurious version with our luxury bus motorhome, which is not just a habitable box on wheels. It is a home complete with all the comforts of a home, such as kitchen with minibar and freezer, living room, bedroom, smart TV or Apple TV with DVD. Our motorcoach with beds can easily accommodate up to 4 people and is totally self-sufficient thanks to its electric generator and large water tank. There are different models of motor home and different sizes like mini, small or big motorhomes.

Our luxury bus with beds is the best motorhome you could find, not only all the comfort of the rooms is guaranteed, but also a 5-star luxury hotel service.
Our staff will take the utmost care of your luxury motor home, always ensuring clean sheets and towels, carrying out daily cleaning and providing you with water, milk and fresh drinks on board every day.

Our luxury sleeper bus are real Recreational Vehicles (RVs), so to give a complete motor home service during your holidays we always include an on-site concierge. Our concierge will assist you throughout your journey on board of our travel motorhome: from booking a restaurant, to managing local travel, from coordinating our on-board staff, to carrying out small errands.

With this dedicated staff you can relax and dedicate all your time to your current event or to your holiday of total immersion in nature on board of our luxury motorhome with beds.

Being self-sufficient, our extra luxury RV can be placed wherever you want, even in the most fascinating and isolated places from the rest of society. It is the ideal solution for small families, expecially after the Covid-19 outbreak, if you want to travel in a safe, hygienic einvironment. Our motorhomes are also often requested in Monaco or Monza during motor racing sports events. This way pilots and their staff have a comfortable place to stay just next to the racing track during the whole event.

Moreover, for any displacement and possible transfer from the luxury van with beds, we can clearly give support with our vehicles using our nearest local garage.

This is the luxury of travelling in freedom and serenity, which only the Moveolux class motor home can offer you. If you need more info, please contact us, our team will be happy to assist you!