Brescia Roma Brescia – Mille Miglia 2017

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The race that will take place from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 May 2017 will be the thirty-fifth re-evocation of the Mille Miglia, the most famous road race of all time, ninety years after the first of the 24 editions of the speed race, from 1927 to 1957. The celebratory trademark of this ninetieth anniversary groups together the distinctive symbols of our history: such as the connection between the numbers "9" and "0", representing the symbol of infinity, perpetual motion along a road that ideally crosses Italy. Furthermore, in tribute to the two different automobile races, the speed race of the past and the regularity race of the present. The logo also incorporates the hub of a wheel and a stopwatch button.

For 30 years, Mille Miglia has been bringing together exeptional personalities to the world of sport. Today, the reenactment of the Mille Miglia is an event in a class of its own. Mille Miglia has combined tradition with innovation, and vividly coloured that combination with creativity, elegance, beautiful scenery and the Italian way of living. The Mille Miglia is a symbol of Italian excellence all over the world. Confirming what Enzo Ferrari called the Mille Miglia - "the world’s unique traveling museum", from Thursday 18 to Sunday, 21 May, the spectators to the four stages from Brescia to Rome and back can admire 440 vintage cars of extraordinary historical, technical and sporting value, from eighty-two different Car manufacturers, and hundreds of different models. The cars of Mille Miglia see the doors of some of the most beautiful old towns of Italy opening to them. 900 the crew members, from 36 countries. 7 Regions and over 230 the towns crossed in the four days of the competition. 1800 accredited media operators.

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