Carnival in Italy

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The carnival is the moment of celebration that precedes the sacred Lent in traditional Catholic countries, and in Italy the best places to spend the carnival are Venice, Acireale and Ivrea.

The main events of the Venice carnival are repeated every year, but the dates of these events vary. A new carnival theme is announced every year. Carnival ends on Fat Tuesday, 40 days before Easter. The first event of the carnival, as a rule, is a celebration of the Venetians "La Festa Veneziana".

In Acireale, every year, instead, the characteristic parade is presented through three of the city's most important streets and Piazza del Duomo.

In Ivrea, the traditional orange fight of Ivrea Carnival preserves an ancient tradition that started in the middle of the 19 century as an inspiration of a similar event that took place in the Middle-Ages. The battle of the oranges usually starts on Sunday around 2 pm (this year 3th March 2019) ending with the judges’ decision on which team won this year’s battle. Citizens of the town Ivrea consider this carnival to be an important part of their culture and like to describe this battle as a “liberating” event.

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