ILTM Cannes 2017

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The ultimate global meeting in the annual luxury travel calendar from 4th to 7th December 2017. Everyone well be in Cannes: our customers, media and your network. It’s where the world meets the world! More contacts, more opportunities, more insights and more markets than anywhere else. This year’s event theme is #keeptheworldmoving. Part rallying cry, part celebration; #keeptheworldmoving aims to highlight the impact that ILTM’s incredible global network of luxury aficionados have on the world we live in. We live in uncertain times. But, as travellers and travel professionals, we know that more travel – not less – is vital to transforming the world we live in.

Over 60,000 business appointments will take place at ILTM 2017 Close to 100 countries were represented at ILTM 2016 and 1500 buyers from over 75 countries. The ILTM Global Forum is the pinnacle of the luxury travel calendar and the biggest and boldest event of the season. This is where an understanding of the new breed of luxury traveller takes shape, and where the world’s most exciting travel itineraries are born. This is not a travel conference. This is an evening of inspiration, a journey into the unknown, and a chance to connect with our community.

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