Ivrea The Orange Fights 2018

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The traditional orange fight of Ivrea Carnival preserves an ancient tradition that started in the middle of the 19 century as an inspiration of a similar event that took place in the Middle-Ages. In the orange fight the celebrators throw juicy fresh oranges on one another. In every square you can find a place were those who do not take part in the fight can watch it safely. The battle of the oranges usually starts on Sunday around 2 pm (this year from 10th to 13th February 2018) ending with the judges’ decision on which team won this year’s battle. Citizens of the town Ivrea consider this carnival to be an important part of their culture and like to describe this battle as a “liberating” event. Ivrea is part of the Canavese zone, a corner of Piedmont that envelops an infinity of natural, historic and artistic treasures.

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