Mercantia, something special

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We would like to share something special today; a typical Italian street art festival that will take place in July, from the 11th to the 15th. This festival, called “Mercantia”, is held every year in Certaldo, Tuscany.

After dinner it’s enough getting at the town’s municipality where you can buy your ticket to enter “Mercantia” and then reach the highlight of the festival, of course in the high part of the village.

Here, the enchanting world of the street art festival will rendered you speechless. Near to the statue of Boccaccio are located many beautiful stands offering any kind of stuff, such as: arts and crafts stands, all sorts of handmade items, included leather items, hats, colourful furniture, masks , books and so much more.

But “Mercantia” means also talent and the very heart of the festival is within the fortified walls where you can attend great performances, in hidden courtyards or secret gardens.

The program is huge, with over 80 shows every day that since the first edition – this is the 31st – opens the doors to a world of magic.

This year, the company Cafélulè will make a show called “Segreti di panni sporchi” or "Secrets of Dirty Clothes”, a fine contemporary dance made on a vertical wall.

Another great show, “La Gràn Ilusiòn”, is made by Marionetas Colegone: two very talented guys gave life to the puppet Colegon. The almost real expression of the marionette impressed the whole public.

Moreover, on every corner musicians are ready to entertain the visitors, but the biggest dance party is near Palazzo Pretorio, where take place so many concerts and the public can danced all the night long..

This and much more is awaits you every year in Certaldo during the Festival of Mercantia: folkloristic events, markets and town dinners that will give you the chance to live in a dream for a while.

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