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Luxos highlights Moveolux's Chauffeured Luxury Shopping Tours.

Shopping tours have the potential to be wonderful - but also problematic. First, without research, it's difficult to know which boutiques are interesting and which merely routine and you may end up buying a lot of dull items. Second, in some big and important cities such as Milan, Rome or Florence, the experience can feel mass-produced. Third, if you're also driving, shopping may turn into a stressful and tiring experience.

For these reasons, on your next shopping tour, it’s better to get some specialists to help you. Moveolux – that has been operating in the luxury ground transportation and limousine service all over Italy since 1963 – is able to offer the best chauffeured shopping tours in Italy. What are the most important luxury boutiques in Milan, Rome or Florence? How do you recognize a great well refined dress made up of high-quality material? What’s the fashion style that best suit you? These are the questions you’ll be able to answer after a shopping tour in Italy, the country that is home to some of the best fashion brands in the world. . What are you waiting for?

Browse Moveolux’s shopping tours and book your trip to Italy now. October is also the best time to go. Winter is around the corner and the imminent change in season means a shift to a diverse fashion style. Are you ready to dress for cooler weather? Read the full article on