Truffle Festivals in Italy

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Every fall, tons of festivals, known as sagre, pop up in towns across Italy, celebrating truffles. Truffles, known as tartufi in Italian, are mushrooms so rare and unique-tasting, they’re a delicacy that can set you back hundreds of euros per kilo. Of the two kinds, white truffles and black truffles, white are considered the finer delicacy. Here are a few you might be able to attend:

San Giovanni d'Asso (Tuscany)
On the first two weekends of November, the residents of this ancient hilltown offer tastings, seminars, musical performances and truffle-hound competitions.

San Miniato (Tuscany)
This is perhaps the most famous Truffle Fair in Tuscany and it is held on the first three weekends of November.

Aqualagna (Marches).
The National Fair of the White Truffle takes place here on the last Sunday of October and the first three Sundays of November.

Alba (Piedmont)
This is the most famous truffle fair, running throughout October and into early November. It includes all the usual culinary attractions.

Calestano (Emilia).
Events are scheduled every Sunday October 23-November 20. Traditionally, famous international chefs convene here with recipes based on local black truffles.

Savigno (Romagna).
On the first three Sundays of November, stands fill the streets of this medieval town and you can shop for many different varieties of white truffle.

Going to a truffle fair is worthwhile even if you don't want to buy truffles. The scent of fresh truffles fills the air and there are locally made truffle dishes to try. There's often entertainment and concession stands sell local foods such as cheese, salami, honey, and wine.

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