Venice Carnival 2018

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Saturday, January 27 the Rio di Cannaregio turns into a real water stage with a show that delights thousands of visitors each year, where floating structures transfer on water the theme of Carnevale 2018: CREATUM Civitas Ludens The main events of the Venice carnival are repeated every year, but dates of these events vary. A new carnival theme is announced each year. The carnival ends at Fat Tuesday, 40 days before Easter. Carnival starts on Saturday, two weeks before Fat Tuesday in Venice. The first event of the carnival, as a rule, is a celebration of the Venetians "La Festa Veneziana". The Venice Carnival is a one of a kind event where the city quite literally bursts into life – with visitors traveling from all over the world to attend and experience this exquisite event. You can step outside the traditional Carnival celebrations and and enter the Food design week. FOOD DESIGN WEEK is a creative, experimental, innovative research space. This event, themed VANITAS, comprises of two parts: an exhibition as an open platform for creators during the day; and three evenings hosting an exclusive, innovative food design dinner.

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