Luxury Van

In our wide fleet, we have luxury vans wich are more suitable for small groups of families and for resticted corporate parties.

The VIP style sprinter is a valid alternative to the classical executive minivan. The Luxury van infact is internally redisegned specifically for long tours with corportate meetings in order to give customers more confort and room on board.

Moveolux’s top luxury vans range from 4 to 8 seats, they are mostly Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury van, and have multiple customized VIP seats and arrangements. All of our leisure luxury vans are one of a kind in all Europe and are the perfect solution for any type of family tour or corporate event.

We basically own the best luxury travel vans you can find in whole Europe and they are one of a kind. We have viano luxury vans with fully redesigned interiors to assure high level of comfort, room and services on board. These Mercedes sprinters Van with luxury conversion are rich or feature and maintain maximum reliability and security for transportation of passengers on the road.

Moveolux with its renowned luxury van service has been designing and customizing luxury van limousines in order to meet demanding customers’ needs with the highest expectations.

If you are looking for a luxury family van to surprise your relatives or group of friends for a special trip you are organizing, our luxury passenger van rental is the answer. We can offer from 4, 6, 7 or 8 passengers luxury van rental with luxury conversion van interiors which are unique in whole Europe. With us you could experience travelling on a first class luxury transport van where is possible to organize small coorporate meetings on board, even before arriving at destination. Our Mercedes luxury van rental with driver does not include luxury van with bathroom. If you need this facility on board, we have bigger luxury buses with toilet wich would be perfect for this purpose. In our luxury transit van wide fleet we also have luxury wheelchairs vans for our custumers with reduced mobility.

Our multilingual office staff is available to answer all your questions, advice you and give you estimates on costs as well as to help you make the best choice of luxury travel vans for your needs. Courtesy and efficiency is our trademark.

 Luxury Van

The Limo van is a luxury van redesigned and customized on the inside. A comfortable journey is guaranteed with this top luxury minivan: it has 4 comfortable and oversized seats,

 Luxury Van

The luxury van is a comfortable, elegant and customized Mercedes Sprinter. It has 8 oversized leather forward facing seats arranged in two single rows so that each passenger has plenty

 Luxury Van

The Limo van is defenitely the best luxury travel van in Italy. It’s a VIP style Mercedes Sprinter, completely costumized with a modern and refined design: it’s a luxury van

 Luxury Van

The luggage van is a fundamental support in case of a large amount of suitcases.


Anti-Covid19 Safe Travel protocol

During these very difficult times that we are living through, the best choice when traveling is doubtless a private and exclusive means of transportations, which is constantly cleaned and sanitized.

Until we are over with this hard period, we will continue to comply with all current safety regulations in order to guarantee a comfortable, relaxed and safe journey.

Here are the measure we have taken:

Chauffeur standard
   – Compulsory use of a surgical mask while on the job;
– Greeting of the passengers with a big smile instead of a handshake;
– No assignment to a job if any flu-like symptoms, such as cough or fever, have appeared in the previous 2 weeks.

Vehicles setup
– Periodical and certified Ozone treatment process;
– Use of specific alcohol based (60% / 70%) spray products for the cleaning and sanitization of the common areas of vehicle interiors after each job, including the external door handles;
– Removal of any paper material, such as magazines and newspapers; – Sealed single-use face masks on board at passengers disposal;
– Sealed single-use hand gloves on board at passengers disposal; – Sealed individually packed Oshibori at passengers disposal;
– Individually packed and sealed bottles of water at passengers disposal;
– Guaranteed physical distance on board through reassessment of the vehicle’s maximum occupancy. Sedan: maximum 2 passengers on the back seats ; higher capacity vehicles: 50% of the vehicles maximum occupancy and chessboards pattern seating assignment.

Enjoy your safe and luxurious journey with Moveolux.